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As a software designed to help businesses streamline their appointments and improve efficiency, Flyksoft offers a range of benefits to businesses in the fitness, spa, salon, and med spa industries. Here are just a few bases why businesses should consider partnering with Flyksoft:
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Online Booking Digitize your calendar with our software.

We provide user-friendly interface with automated appointment confirmation and reminders, as well as you can easily reschedule your appointment as per your convenience on any device such as laptop, desktop, tablet, and mobiles.

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Reminder Notifications

Appointment reminders are an essential tool for any business that relies on appointments with clients or employees. With our appointment reminder service, you can customize the reminders to suit your business and clients’ needs perfectly. We offer a range of options to ensure that your employees and clients receive the reminders in the way that suits them best.
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If you’re looking to streamline your spa’s operations and provide a better experience for your clients, creating custom forms and waivers is a must. With our software, you can create these forms quickly and easily using our intuitive form builder.
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Client Management

Our software’s client management feature allows you to store all of your clients’ information in one convenient place. This includes their contact information, appointment history, treatment preferences, and any notes or comments related to their visits. With this information easily accessible, you can provide personalized service and recommendations based on each client’s unique needs.
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Email & Text Marketing

Email and text marketing is an effective way to promote your spa services and stay connected with your clients. Our software includes powerful email and text marketing features that make it easy to create and send targeted campaigns to your client base. With our software’s email and text marketing feature, you can create personalized and professional-looking emails and texts in just a few clicks.
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