Inventory Management

A robust inventory management feature that enables you to
effectively track and manage you product inventory.


Inventory Tracking

Our software allows spas to track their inventory in real-time. It provides a centralized database where business can record details of their products, supplies, and equipment, including item names, descriptions, quantities, suppliers, and prices. This enables accurate tracking of stock levels, ensuring that the business always has the necessary items on hand.

Stock Alerts and Reordering

The software can set up automated stock alerts based on predetermined thresholds. When inventory levels reach a specified minimum quantity, the system triggers alerts to notify business staff to reorder the items. This ensures that the business never runs out of essential products or supplies, minimizing disruptions to operations and client services.

Purchase Orders

This facilitates the creation and management of purchase orders for inventory replenishment. The software generates purchase orders based on stock alerts or manual input and tracks the status of orders, from creation to receipt. Additionally, the software can store supplier information, allowing business to manage their relationships with suppliers, track deliveries, and streamline the procurement process.

Barcode Scanning and Serial Number Tracking:

The inventory management feature may support barcode scanning capabilities. This enables efficient inventory tracking and stock updates by simply scanning barcodes when receiving new items or selling products to clients. The software can also track serial numbers for equipment or high-value items, making it easier to identify specific items within the inventory.

Product Variants and Bundles

For business that offer a variety of product options, the software allows for the management of product variants and bundles. Business can define different variations of a product (e.g., size, color, scent) and create bundles that combine multiple products. This simplifies inventory management by treating variants and bundles as individual items, making it easier to track and sell them.

Usage Tracking and Reporting

The software enables business to track the usage of inventory items. This feature allows spas to record how products, supplies, or equipment are used during client treatments or services. Usage data helps business analyze consumption patterns, identify popular products, and make informed purchasing decisions. The software can generate reports on inventory usage, stock levels, and product sales, providing valuable insights for inventory management strategies.