Our integrations feature allows you to connect your software with
other popular applications and tools, enabling seamless data transfer,
automation, and streamlined workflows.


Social Media Posting

Our software integrates with Instagram, enabling business to create and schedule posts directly from the software. Business owners and marketing teams can plan and publish engaging visual content, such as photos and videos, to their Instagram profile without needing to switch between multiple platforms. This streamlines the content creation and posting process, saving time and effort.

Online Booking Platforms

Integrating with online booking platforms and marketplaces enables business to expand their reach and attract more clients. This integration allows business to list their services on popular booking platforms, receive bookings directly into their business management software, and synchronize availability in real-time. It streamlines the booking process and helps business tap into a wider customer base.

Centralized Appointment Management

Integration with online booking platforms centralizes appointment management within the software. Business staff can access and manage all appointments, regardless of the booking source, from a single calendar view. This simplifies appointment tracking, rescheduling, and staff assignment, providing a comprehensive overview of the business schedule.