Client Management

Our software’s client management feature allows you to store all of
your clients’ information in one convenient place.

Client Profiles

Flyksoft allows you to create individual client profiles where you can store and manage relevant information. This includes basic details such as the client’s name, contact information, birthday, and preferred communication channels. Additionally, you can include notes about client preferences, allergies, medical conditions, and specific treatment history.

Appointment History

The software records the appointment history for each client. This allows you to easily access and review their past visits, treatments, and preferences. By having a comprehensive overview of a client’s treatment history, you can personalize their experience, make appropriate recommendations, and ensure continuity of care.

Scheduling and Booking

The client management feature integrates with the scheduling and booking functionalities of the software. This allows you to schedule appointments for clients directly from their profiles. You can view their availability, select preferred services, assign staff members, and send confirmation notifications. Streamlining the scheduling process improves efficiency and enhances the overall client experience.

Marketing and Communication

Client management software often includes marketing and communication tools to engage with clients effectively. This can include email marketing capabilities, allowing you to send newsletters, promotional offers, or updates about new services or products. By leveraging the client management feature, you can segment your client base and tailor marketing campaigns to specific groups or individual clients.

Client Notes and Communication History

Within each client profile, you can add notes and track communication history. This includes interactions such as phone calls, emails, or in-person conversations. These notes serve as a reference for future interactions, helping staff members provide personalized and attentive service. Client communication history ensures that each staff member has access to relevant information and can maintain consistent and seamless client interactions.