Customized Applications

With this feature, you can design and develop mobile apps that align
with your unique requirements and provide a seamless experience for
your members.


Interface Customization

Our software with a customized applications feature allows business to personalize the user interface. Business owners and administrators can modify the layout, color schemes, and branding elements within the software. This ensures a consistent look and feel throughout the application, reinforcing the spa’s brand identity and providing a cohesive user experience for staff members.

Form Customization

The ability to customize forms within the software enables business to capture and store data according to their specific requirements. Business can create custom fields, modify existing form templates, and define data validation rules. This allows business to collect essential client information, track specific metrics, or record additional details relevant to their services or processes.

Role-Based Permissions

Customized applications allow business to assign role-based permissions to staff members. Business owners or administrators can define user roles and restrict access to certain features or data within the software. This ensures that staff members only have access to the information and functionalities necessary for their respective roles, enhancing security and data privacy.

Workflow Customization

Business can customize the workflows within the software to match their specific business processes. This includes defining and configuring various stages of operations, such as appointment scheduling, client intake, service selection, payment processing, and inventory management. By customizing workflows, business can optimize efficiency and ensure that the software aligns with their operational preferences.