Packages & Memberships

These packages and memberships are designed to offer a
combination of treatments or services at a discounted rate, providing
added value and incentives for clients.


Package Creation and Management

Our software allows business to create and manage packages that combine multiple services or treatments into a single offering. Business owners can define package details such as the included services, pricing, duration, and any additional terms or conditions. The software automates the process of selling and redeeming packages, ensuring accurate tracking of package usage.

Membership Programs

Flyksoft facilitates the creation and administration of membership programs. Business owners can define different membership tiers, benefits, pricing, and terms. Memberships can include various perks such as discounted services, exclusive access to amenities, priority booking, or special promotions. The software tracks membership details, renewal dates, and usage, allowing for efficient management of membership programs.

Package and Membership Redemption

When clients purchase packages or memberships, the software tracks the usage and redemption of services. Business staff can easily access the client’s package or membership details during the booking process and apply the appropriate services or discounts. This ensures accurate tracking of package usage and enables a seamless experience for clients when redeeming their services.

Expiration and Renewal Notifications

The software provides automated notifications for package or membership expirations and renewals. Clients receive reminders via email or SMS when their packages or memberships are approaching expiration or when it’s time to renew. This helps increase client engagement, encourages timely renewals, and ensures clients can take advantage of their benefits without interruption.