Billing & Payments

The billing and payments feature in our software offers a streamlined
solution for handling all aspects of billing and payments within your business.



Flyksoft allows business to generate and send professional invoices to clients for services rendered. The software automates the process of creating invoices, incorporating service details, pricing, taxes, and any applicable discounts. Invoices can be customized with the business branding and sent electronically via email or printed for physical delivery.

Payment Processing

The software provides multiple payment processing options to cater to client preferences. It typically supports various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, cash, and gift certificates. Integration with payment gateways enables secure and seamless online payment processing, ensuring a convenient and reliable payment experience for clients.

Gift Card and Voucher Management

The software facilitates the management and redemption of gift cards and vouchers. Business owners can generate and sell gift cards or vouchers within the software, track their balances and usage, and process payments using the stored values. This simplifies gift card and voucher administration and allows for easy tracking of outstanding balances.

Membership and Package Billing

The software supports billing and payment processing for memberships and packages. The software can automatically generate recurring invoices for membership fees and track the usage of included services. For package purchases, the software can split the payments into installments and track the remaining sessions or services for each package.