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Welcome to www.flyksoft.com, as well as all related websites owned and operated by Flyksoft Solutions LLC. ("we," "us," or "our"). These terms and conditions of use (referred to as the "Terms") govern your use of the Site, encompassing all subdomains, subdirectories, mobile sites, and mobile applications. We are a limited company registered in Sharjah with the company number 2221659.01. Our registered office is situated at Al Messaned - Al Mutsannid Suburb - Sharjah, UAE. By accessing and utilizing the Site, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms. It's important to note that these Terms exclusively pertain to your interaction with the Site itself. They do not extend to the third-party goods and services available for booking and purchases through the Site. The Flyksoft Services, which encompass online ordering, booking-related features (including payments, vouchers, and bookings), are offered based on our separate Terms of Service. These services are facilitated by our third-party partners, who are responsible for delivering the provided services, including your chosen treatments (referred to as the "Partner Services"). Please be aware that we reserve the right to modify these Terms periodically by updating them on the Site. Your continued use of the Site after these changes have been posted signifies your acceptance and agreement to the revised Terms. As long as you adhere to these Terms of Use, Flyksoft provides you with a personal, nonexclusive, non-transferable, and limited privilege to access and use the Site. These Terms were most recently updated on [Date].

Feedback and Information

Please submit any feedback you have about these Terms or any questions concerning the Site by email to info@flyksoft.com

Access to the site

Ensuring that your equipment, whether it's a computer, laptop, netbook, tablet, or other mobile device, meets the necessary technical specifications to access and use the Site rests solely on your shoulders. It's important that your equipment is compatible with the Site's requirements. Accuracy is key when providing registration details. In the event that you receive or select a log-on ID, such as a username, password, or another form of identifier, as part of our security protocols, it's imperative to consider this information confidential and not disclose it to any third party. You hold the responsibility for any activities conducted under your log-on ID, and should you suspect any unauthorized usage or security breaches, it's crucial to promptly notify us. We retain the right to deactivate any log-on ID if, in our judgment, you have violated any of these Terms or if the details provided during the registration process are determined to be false.


When you make use of our Site, Flyksoft's Privacy Policy comes into effect and is considered an integral component of these Terms of Use. However, it's important to note that the internet is not completely impervious to data breaches. While we take utmost care to safeguard your personal information, we cannot assure the complete security of data transmitted to us, even if there is a specific indication that certain transmissions (such as credit card details) are encrypted. Any transmission of data is undertaken at your own risk.

Age Requirements

To utilize the Flyksoft Platform, you need to have reached the age of majority in your jurisdiction of residence. If your country or region has age-related usage restrictions or contractual limitations, you must adhere to those rules and should not use the Flyksoft Platform or its services, unless you have obtained permission from a parent or legal guardian. It's important for your parent or legal guardian to review these terms alongside you. If you're a parent or guardian permitting your child or dependent to access Flyksoft Services, these terms also apply to you, and you are accountable for their actions on the platform.

Accounts, passwords and security

An account isn't obligatory to access the Site, though specific features might necessitate an account. Each individual is restricted to a single account on our Site, whether it's a personal account or a shared one, like a family account. This account is strictly nontransferable and shouldn't be sold, combined, accessed, or shared with others. Should we discern any violation of these Terms, including:

  • Allowing third parties to access or operate your account.
  • Engaging in fraud or submitting false information in connection with your account or Site usage.
If your account is terminated by either party, the following actions may be taken without limitation:
  • Cancellation of pending, ongoing, or future promotional account credits and unredeemed vouchers in your account
  • Prohibition or prevention of your participation under a new account unless an official invitation is extended by us
We retain the right to hold you accountable for any resulting damages from your actions, to pursue legal remedies via local and national law enforcement agencies, and to notify your internet service provider regarding any fraudulent conduct linked to you or your utilization of the Site.

What you are allowed to do

Unless you are classified as a Partner (a specifically chosen third-party provider of products and services who makes their offerings available for purchase on the Site), your utilization of the Site is limited to non-commercial purposes and must adhere to these established Terms. You are granted the ability to access and display content from the Site on a computer screen, as well as print and duplicate individual pages, subject to the conditions outlined in the subsequent section. Certain features, segments, or content of the Site may also be subject to additional terms, which, when applicable, will be presented on-screen or accessible through a provided link.

Your promises to us

Limit your access to the Fresha Services to our approved App and the correct device

You are solely allowed to engage with the Fresha Services through officially sanctioned methods. Verifying that you are downloading the appropriate App for your specific device is your responsibility. Fresha cannot be held accountable if your mobile device is not compatible, or if you mistakenly download an incompatible version of the App. Fresha retains the right to terminate your use of the Fresha Services and access to the Site if it is determined that you are utilizing the Site with a device that is not authorized or compatible.

Adhere to legal regulations and these terms while utilizing the Site:

Your use of the Site and any resources it provides must strictly adhere to legal regulations (inclusive of all applicable laws and rules), maintaining a responsible approach that avoids damaging our reputation, the reputation of our affiliates, or our brand. By using site you will agree that

  • Your utilization of the Site is restricted to your personal, individual use (unless you are designated as a Partner), and you agree not to resell it to any third party.
  • You are not permitted to grant others authorization to access your account except in cases of a family account. Transferring or assigning your account to any other individual or entity is prohibited.
  • You are prohibited from employing an account that is subject to the rights of anyone other than yourself without the appropriate authorization. The Site must not be used for unlawful activities, which includes storing or sending materials that are against the law or for fraudulent purposes.
  • The proper functioning of the network should not be disrupted. Efforts to harm the Site in any way are strictly prohibited. Without written consent from Flyksoft, the replication or dissemination of the App or other Flyksoft content is prohibited. The confidentiality and security of your account password (or any provided identification that grants Site access) are your responsibility.
  • If requested, you will furnish the necessary proof of identity. Your access to the Site should only occur through an authorized internet connection. You acknowledge that, in cases where Flyksoft Services necessitate sending or receiving SMS messages (if applicable in your jurisdiction), standard messaging charges may apply.
  • The Site must not be used with an unauthorized or incompatible device. Compliance with all relevant laws, including the secondary regulations of the region you are in during Site use, is expected.

Flyksoft reserves the right to immediately terminate the Flyksoft Services and the use of the Site if you do not comply with any of the above rules.

What you are not allowed to do

Except to the extent expressly set out in these Terms, you are not allowed to:

  • Scraping content or storing Site content on a network-connected server or storage device, leading to the systematic download and storage of all Site content
  • Altering or removing any Site content, attempting to bypass security measures, or interfering with the proper operation of the Site or its hosting servers
  • Establishing links to the Site from external websites, framing or mirroring the Site on other servers or devices, without prior written consent from us. This excludes Partners implementing the Flyksoft Widget as per our Partner Terms. You may link to the Site's homepage from your own website, provided the link is not deceptive, implies endorsement, and adheres to legal standards.
  • Reverse engineering or accessing the Site for the purpose of creating a competitive product or service, using similar features, functions, or graphics, or copying Site elements.
  • Initiating automated programs or scripts that burden or hinder the Site's operation, such as web spiders, crawlers, robots, viruses, or worms
  • Commercially exploiting the Site, including licensing, sublicensing, selling, transferring, or distributing it to third parties.
  • Creating derivative works based on the Site or modifying it.
  • Sending spam or unsolicited messages in violation of applicable laws
  • Transmitting or storing unlawful, obscene, threatening, libelous, or harmful material, or content that infringes on third-party privacy rights
  • Transmitting or storing material containing harmful computer code like viruses, worms, or Trojan horses
  • Disrupting the integrity or performance of the Site or its data.
  • Attempting unauthorized access to the Site, its systems, or networks.

Flyksoft reserves the right to fully investigate and take legal action against any violations of the mentioned terms. If you breach these terms, Flyksoft might collaborate with law enforcement authorities to pursue legal actions against such users. Please note that Flyksoft is not obligated to constantly monitor your use of the Site, but it retains the right to review or edit content for operational purposes, ensuring compliance with these terms, and in accordance with applicable laws or legal orders. Flyksoft can remove or restrict access to any content that it deems, at its sole discretion, to be in violation of these terms or harmful to the Fresha Services. If you violate any part of these terms, your rights granted by these terms will cease immediately

User content

At times, the Site may provide you the opportunity to upload content you create (referred to as user-generated content). This content can be communicated to specific recipients or shared in public spaces, like review sections (collectively known as User Content Areas). Please note that we don't control the material that's submitted to these User Content Areas, and these areas aren't actively moderated by us. You're fully responsible for the content you submit (referred to as User Submissions). It's important to understand that User Submissions represent the viewpoints of their individual authors, not our viewpoints. If you engage in User Content Areas, ensure your submissions align with the area's purpose and the relevant subject matter. User Submissions must not:

  • Share, send, or make available any content that violates intellectual property rights, data protection or privacy rights, or any other rights of others. This includes content that's defamatory, breaks a contractual obligation, or undermines confidentiality. Additionally, avoid content that's obscene, sexually explicit, aggressive, harassing, promotes violence or hatred, is blasphemous, discriminatory, causes discomfort, is knowingly false or misleading, or doesn't comply with laws and regulations ("Prohibited Content").
  • Pretend to be someone else or misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity.
  • Infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others.
  • Send unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, marketing, or promotional material (including reviews that are paid or sponsored if not disclosed)
  • Transmit or spread viruses or other harmful code.
Please be aware of these guidelines while using the platform. When you provide content, feedback, or other information to Flyksoft, including any User Submission, you grant Flyksoft and its affiliates a continuous, irreversible, global, non-exclusive, royalty-free, and fully sub-licensable right and license to use, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create new versions, distribute, perform, and display such User Submission (either wholly or partially). This also allows us to incorporate it into other works using any form, media, or technology. By doing so, you're waiving any moral rights you might have as the author of the User Submission, including the right to be recognized as the creator. While we don't pre-screen User Submissions, we retain the right, based on our sole discretion, to remove, edit, or adjust any User Submission you've submitted. We may also close specific topics without prior notice to you. If you have complaints about the content of a User Submission, please send them to info@flyksoft.com. Your message should include the details of the specific User Submission that's causing the concern.

Intellectual property

Flyksoft, as well as its third-party licensors when applicable, shall retain complete ownership, including all associated intellectual property rights, of the Site. This encompasses various elements such as text, graphics, software, images, videos, audio, trademarks, and logos. Moreover, any feedback, ideas, recommendations, enhancement requests, or other information concerning the Flyksoft Services and Site that are provided by you or other parties also fall within our ownership. It's important to clarify that these Terms, along with our Terms of Service, do not signify a sale and do not confer any ownership rights upon you pertaining to the Flyksoft Services or the Site, or any intellectual property owned by Flyksoft. The trademarks linked to Flyksoft’s name, logo, and product names are owned by Flyksoft, its affiliated entities, or third parties. No permission or license is granted to use these trademarks. Except as explicitly outlined within these Terms, no provisions herein grant you any entitlements regarding the intellectual property owned by us or our licensors. It's important to recognize that downloading content from the Site does not confer upon you any ownership rights. If you choose to print, copy, or store pages from the Site (in accordance with these Terms), you are responsible for accurately reproducing any copyright, trademark, or other notices related to intellectual property that are present in the original content. Submitting material protected by copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights to Flyksoft or our Site without obtaining the explicit permission of the owner of said rights is prohibited. In such instances, you shall solely bear responsibility for any resulting losses or damages due to infringement


We can modify the Site's appearance and information periodically. Your use of the Site is based on its current state, and you bear the sole risk. While we aim for accurate information on the Site (excluding user-generated content), it's not meant to replace official advice. It's wise to confirm with us or the relevant source before acting on any of this information

External links

The Site might have links to external websites, some of which might feature offers and promotions from third parties. These links are there to give you access to helpful or interesting information, products, or services. However, we're not responsible for the content of these sites or what they offer. We can't assure that they'll always be accessible. Including these links doesn't mean we endorse or are connected to those running or promoting those sites.

External links

Apart from what's outlined in our Terms of Service, we don't make any promises about the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, correctness, reliability, quality, suitability, or uniqueness of any content on the Site. To the furthest extent allowed by law, we don't include any implied warranties, conditions, or other terms of any sort. Consequently, we aren't liable for any type of loss or damage incurred due to your or anyone else's use of the Site or their reliance on its content. While we work to keep the Site secure, we can't guarantee that the content won't contain viruses or other harmful elements. It's up to you to set up the right IT security measures (like antivirus and other safety checks) based on your own needs for content safety and dependability. At times, we might limit access to specific features, sections, or content of the Site, or the entire Site itself, to registered users. Please note that we're not required to notify you in advance. While we do our best, we can't ensure the Site will always run smoothly without interruptions or errors. Occasionally, some features, parts, or content of the Site, or even the entire Site, might become temporarily unavailable or might change, be suspended, or withdrawn. We have the right to make these decisions at our discretion without notifying you. You understand and agree that we won't be held responsible to you or any third party for any unavailability, changes, suspensions, or withdrawals of the Site or its features, parts, or content

Governing law, dispute resolution

These Terms, and any conflicts between you and us about these Terms or the Site, will be controlled and managed according to the laws of England. Unless prohibited by relevant law (including cases where it's unjust), any claim arising from these Terms of Use must be initiated within one (1) year after the issue arises, or that claim becomes invalid. These restrictions don't apply to claims under the separate Terms of Service for products and services. Except for recovering out-of-pocket expenses, no damages can be sought or received, except if the prevailing party is entitled to legal fees and costs. In case of any dispute between Flyksoft and you regarding your use of the Site, both parties will try to resolve the issue in good faith and promptly. If we can't settle the dispute within a reasonable time (up to thirty (30) days), either party can take the matter to mediation. If mediation fails, then both parties can explore their rights and remedies under applicable law.

Geographic restrictions

Flyksoft is headquartered in Sharjah, where it oversees and manages the www.flyksoft.com website. Other Flyksoft sites and applications might be operated from different places worldwide. Although the Site is accessible globally, not all features, products, or services mentioned, referred to, provided, or offered through or on the Site are accessible to everyone or in all locations, nor are they suitable or available for use in all countries. Flyksoft reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to restrict the usage of any feature, product, or service to specific individuals or geographical regions. Any offer for any feature, product, or service on the Site becomes void if prohibited. If you decide to access the Site from outside of England, you recognize that you've chosen to do so independently, and you're solely responsible for adhering to relevant local laws.