Customized Calendar

This feature provides a visual representation of bookings and enables
spas to tailor their calendar to their specific needs, ensuring smooth
operations and optimal utilization of resources.


Visual Appointment Management

The customized calendar provides a visual representation of appointments, making it easy for business staff to view and manage their schedules. Appointments are color-coded or categorized based on factors such as service type, therapist, room, or appointment status. This visual representation allows for quick identification of available time slots and potential scheduling conflicts.

Flexible Booking Options

This software allows business to customize their calendar based on their booking preferences and policies. The software supports different booking options, such as specific time slots, duration-based appointments, or flexible scheduling. Business owners can define rules and constraints to ensure appointments align with their operational capacity and maximize efficiency.

Resource Allocation

The customized calendar feature enables business to manage and allocate resources effectively. Business owners and managers can assign therapists, rooms, equipment, or other resources to specific time slots or appointments. This ensures that the necessary resources are available and optimally utilized, minimizing downtime and maximizing revenue potential.

Multi-Location Support

For business with multiple locations, the customized calendar feature supports managing appointments across different branches. The software provides a consolidated view of appointments and availability across all locations, allowing for centralized scheduling and resource allocation. This feature simplifies coordination and ensures a seamless experience for clients and staff.

Overlapping Appointments and Waitlist Management

The customized calendar feature enables business to manage overlapping appointments and waitlists effectively. If a client requests an appointment during an already booked time slot, the software can handle overlapping appointments by accommodating additional services or offering alternative time slots. The software can also manage waitlists, automatically notifying clients when an appointment becomes available due to cancellations or rescheduling.

Automated Reminders and Confirmations

With a customized calendar feature automates appointment reminders and confirmations. Clients receive automated notifications via email or SMS, reminding them of their upcoming appointments and allowing them to confirm or reschedule. This reduces no-shows and improves client communication, enhancing the overall client experience.